Study MBBS In Netherland

Why Study MBBS in Netherlands?

Most of the students do not have Netherlands in their list of pursuing MBBS from abroad destinations because they think that the courses are taught to them in Dutch; and they will have to learn a new language and have to focus on learning the nuances of the Dutch language. Yes, this is true only to a certain extent as a majority of the institutions offer their courses in Dutch, but since 1990s, more and more premier Dutch institutions are offering few courses taught in English for international students. But this does not mean that the student should not learn Dutch. Picking up a new language is useful and one can also get a job in the Netherlands on completion of the MBBS cource.

The Key Points are:

Study MBBS in Netherlands

University Tuition Fees Structure in the Netherlands

Most of Europe and Dutch universities has implemented or has fixed the tuition fees for EU/EEA students.

And When it comes to know about the tuition fees, you will face the dilemma that on the websites of some universities there are 2 kinds of tuitions: Statutory and Institutional.

Statutory tuition fee: The Statutory tution fees usually implemented to students who are from abroad and from the EU/EEA, or to those who have already studied in Netherlands and those who have a certain kind of residence permit (like the one who is the family member of an EU/EEA national and if you have an unlimited residence permit or an asylum permit, you have a “long-term resident-EC” residence permit, and so on).

The Netherlands is part of the European continent and is located in Western Europe with a vast North Sea coastline that shares land borders with Germany and Belgium. The Netherlands, also known as the Netherlands, is the first non-native English-speaking country to offer English-speaking courses to international students. Now, almost all courses offered to international students are taught in English and Dutch. If you are planning to study in the Netherlands, that would be great.

Living in the Netherlands

Student life in Netherlands is really exciting like the Dutch are very friendly bunch of people and they love football, technology, fine arts, good food and drinks. People who are visiting the Netherlands from Asia can expect a culture shock like the consumption of ‘soft drugs’ is legal over there and hash burgers are also popular, lesbian and gay rights are respected seriously and no discrimination is made in netherland on the basis of sexuality . Although now in india also gay and lesbian culture is accepted legally but still this culture is not too common over here in india.

The Dutch are seriously progressive thinkers and there is a genuine respect for the state and the law there.

The Netherlands is not less expensive than the UK in anyway and In many aspects the cost of living in netherland is the same, those Students who wish to try something different and wants to explore life in a beautiful country with a focus on top-notch research-centric courses might wish to apply to study in the Netherlands.

LogoUniversity NameDurationLocation
University of Amsterdam6 yearsAmsterdam, North Holland
VU University Medical Center Amsterdam6 yearsZuidas, Amsterdam
University of Groningen, Faculty of Medicine6 yearsGroningen, Netherlands
Utrecht University, Faculty of Medicine6 yearsUtrecht, Netherlands
Erasmus University Rotterdam, Faculty of Medicine6 yearsRotterdam, Netherlands
Radboud University Nijmegen, Faculty of Medicine6 yearsNijmegen
University of Leiden, Faculty of Medicine6 yearsZa Leiden