Study MBBS in Indonesia


The university is under the direct scientific supervision of the Ministry of higher education. The university is equipped with modern technologies laboratories with new equipment and instruments.

The college of medicine is committed to a more practical based hands on approach to medical education which increases the chances of success for our students in both higher education and job opportunities with high salary packages. Medical Universities offering MBBS degrees are approved by the Medical Council of India(MCI).The staff embraces 100+doctors teaching medical subjects in English language. It is an anti ragging free environment.

As per MCI rule, students going to Study MBBS in Indonesia have to qualify for NEET. No entrance Exam required for admission to abroad universities.

Study MBBS in Indonesia


Universities offer quality medical programs under the supervision of highly qualified faculty and state of the art infrastructure. Abroad Colleges famous for their undergraduate medical programs (MBBS). It is a 5 years course. University ranking is A+ grade university giving a low cost medicine program. Medical University has been featured as one of the highly positioned universities well acknowledged by autonomous status. It also provides several academic and non academic facilities and services to students including a library ,sports facilities as well as administrative services. Some appreciable departments are

Studying MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) in Indonesia offers a unique and enriching experience for aspiring medical professionals. Indonesia’s medical education system is growing rapidly, and the country provides a diverse range of opportunities for students. With affordable tuition fees and a lower cost of living compared to many Western countries, studying MBBS in Indonesia can be a financially sensible choice. Moreover, the country’s rich cultural heritage and natural beauty provide a vibrant backdrop for personal growth and exploration.

Indonesian medical universities emphasize practical training, enabling students to gain hands-on experience in a variety of healthcare settings. Graduating with an MBBS degree from Indonesia not only equips students with medical expertise but also exposes them to the healthcare challenges and practices of a dynamic and populous nation. This experience can be particularly valuable for those interested in global health and cross-cultural medical practices