MBBS In Bulgaria

Study MBBS in Bulgaria

Looking forward to study MBBS in Europe? You can choose Bulgaria as the destination. Bulgaria has gained popularity among MBBS aspirants worldwide very recently. Owing to low-cost MBBS in Bulgaria programs offered by state universities, students choose Bulgaria over other European countries. The Universities in Bulgaria is a cauldron of cultures, tradition and ethnicities. Medical studies in Bulgaria at top medical colleges in Bulgaria are the dream of many medical aspirants. Universities in Bulgaria have trained more than 5,000 study medicine in bulgaria for international students and other specialties.

Bulgaria is located in Central Europe. The destination is favourable for students residing in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Moreover, the location is the melting point of famous destinations and landmarks thus, Bulgaria is great for students. Admission in the top medical university in Bulgaria is easy. The students are not required to clear entrance exams or English Language tests such as IELTS or TOEFL. The country also homes several well-known universities of global repute.

There are some of the best medical colleges in Bulgaria for Indian students. The universities aim at providing quality education that meets the global standards. Infrastructure in Medical Schools in Bulgaria is robust and the faculty holds years of expertise in shaping careers.

Well, MBBS from Bulgaria is not a very popular destination in the Indian context, but in the present scenario Bulgaria is surely coming up as the best available destinations of Europe for the Indian medical aspirants. Bulgaria is a beautiful Nation which always remains ahead in the aspects of safe, advanced, economical nation of Europe. 

It is home to several of the globally recognised medical Universities of Europe and there are significant numbers of the MCI recognised medical Universities/Institutions in Bulgaria from where Indian students can undertake their MBBS program. 

We urge the Indian aspirants to go with the entire article in order to have all the relevant information about the MBBS program from Bulgaria.

If you are having concern as to what are those certain advantages or the benefits which you will get in the course of studying MBBS in Bulgaria then we are going to direct you through those advances. 

Bulgaria is situated in Central Europe. It is an individual from the European Union. The nation increased a great deal of consideration all around attributable to the top-notch training. It has gotten one of the most looked for after goal for considering advanced education. Particularly, universal students and Indian students who try to consider MBBS abroad like to pick Bulgaria as one of the goals. You need not stress over the reality, is MBBS in Bulgaria great. You can join MBBS in Bulgaria easily in perhaps the best college. In excess of 1000 students fly to Bulgaria to consider MBBS consistently, from all pieces of the world. Many Indian students join MBBS in Bulgaria for the superb framework, instruction quality, and incredible reasonableness. The framework of clinical colleges in Bulgaria is better than average than the clinical schools in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. It has just gotten perhaps the best goal to contemplate MBBS abroad. Study Mbbs in Bulgaria for Indian Students has gotten extremely simple in the on-going past. Much the same as China, and Russia, numerous Indian students gets to examine MBBS in Bulgaria. Many presumed clinical colleges and clinical schools in Bulgaria got the acknowledgment of the Medical Council of India. Peruse on to discover about MBBS in Bulgaria expenses structure, generally speaking, Bulgaria MBBS cost, well known clinical colleges in Bulgaria, offices, feel and so fort

Study MBBS in Bulgaria

You can check out all the advantages here below for your consideration.

Is Bulgaria Safe?

Studying MBBS in Bulgaria presents a compelling opportunity for aspiring medical professionals. Renowned for its reputable medical universities and affordable tuition fees, Bulgaria offers a high-quality medical education that meets international standards. The country’s medical schools provide a comprehensive curriculum and ample clinical exposure, enabling students to acquire a solid foundation in medical theory and practice. Moreover, Bulgaria’s multicultural environment fosters a rich cultural exchange, enhancing students’ communication and interpersonal skills. The prospect of learning in English further attracts international students. Graduates from Bulgarian medical universities often find their degrees recognized globally, opening doors to diverse medical careers and postgraduate pursuits. This, coupled with the country’s historical richness and vibrant lifestyle, makes Bulgaria an appealing destination for those aspiring to embark on a successful medical career while experiencing a dynamic and enriching cultural journey. 

Studying in Bulgaria offers a range of benefits, particularly for international students pursuing medical education. Here’s more information about studying in Bulgaria:

  1. Affordable Tuition: One of the most significant advantages of studying in Bulgaria is the affordability of tuition fees compared to many Western countries. This makes it an attractive option for students seeking quality education without the financial burden.

  2. High-Quality Education: Bulgaria is home to several well-established and accredited medical universities known for their high-quality education. These institutions often have modern facilities, experienced faculty members, and rigorous academic programs that meet international standards.

  3. English-Taught Programs: Many universities in Bulgaria offer medical programs in English, which is highly advantageous for international students who might not be fluent in the local language. This ensures that language barriers do not hinder the learning experience.

  4. Clinical Exposure: Bulgarian medical universities emphasize practical training and clinical exposure. Students have opportunities for hands-on experience in hospitals, clinics, and medical centers, which are essential for developing clinical skills and gaining real-world knowledge.

  5. European Recognition: Bulgaria is a European Union (EU) member state, and degrees obtained from its accredited universities are recognized across Europe. This can facilitate pursuing further studies or practicing medicine in other EU countries.

  6. Multicultural Environment: Bulgaria welcomes a diverse community of international students. Interacting with peers from various backgrounds fosters cultural understanding, global perspectives, and networking opportunities.

  7. Rich Cultural Experience: Bulgaria boasts a rich cultural heritage with a mix of historical sites, traditions, and modern influences. International students can immerse themselves in the country’s history, art, music, and vibrant festivals.

  8. Cost of Living: The cost of living in Bulgaria is generally lower compared to many Western European countries. This includes accommodation, food, transportation, and entertainment, making it more manageable for students on a budget.

  9. Safe and Welcoming Environment: Bulgaria is known for its safety and friendly atmosphere. The local population is generally welcoming to international students, creating a comfortable living and learning environment.

  10. Opportunities for Research: Some Bulgarian universities offer research opportunities for students, allowing them to engage in scientific projects and contribute to medical advancements.

  11. Easy Travel Opportunities: Bulgaria’s strategic location in Europe provides students with the chance to explore neighboring countries during breaks or holidays, enhancing their overall international experience.

  12. Residency and Work Opportunities: International graduates from Bulgarian medical schools may have the option to apply for residency or work permits, enabling them to gain further practical experience or even work in the country.

It’s essential to research specific universities, their programs, admission requirements, and student experiences to ensure that studying in Bulgaria aligns with your academic and career goals. Additionally, consider factors such as language requirements, visa procedures, and potential scholarship opportunities.


Is Bulgaria Safe?

MBBS in Bulgaria Fees Structure 2023-24

The tuition fee in the medical universities in Bulgaria is very affordable as compared to any other countries. Get the details of the fees of the colleges below:

Sl. NoName of the Medical UniversityTuition Fee Structure per year
1Plovdiv Medical UniversityRs. 5,74, 360
2Sofia Medical UniversityRs. 5,74, 360
3Medical University of VarnaRs. 5,74, 360
4Medical University of PlevenRs. 5, 54, 835

Above is the table of MBBS in Bulgaria fees structure. If you want any information regarding the MBBS in Bulgaria, feel free to drop a message in the message box. We will get back to you at the earliest.

Best medical university in bulgaria follow the Simple way to study MBBS in their Reputed Universities, They focuses in both Practical and Theoretical Knowledge and try to each and every Topics of Medical related studies ( MBBS ) in Bulgaria Medical University.

The Duration of Bulgaria Medical University is of 5 Years & 1 year Internship so the total duration of MBBS course is 6 years.Internship For Medical Aspirants Bulgaria Medical University Arrange an Internship in their own private or government hospitals so students doesn’t need to go outside or any other country for MBBS Internship.

MBBS in Bulgaria for Indian students

Bulgarian Medical School is the most preferable place for Indian Students to studying MBBS course. The cost of tuition fees and living cost is under budget for Indian students. The Infrastructure of Bulgarian Medical School is Quite Beautiful and the Atmosphere is also Well Cultured. The Bulgarian Medical School arranges special classes for weaker students and also arranges group studies for Indian or International students. Studying in Bulgarian Medical School is also quite Safe & Secured for Indian Boys & Girls.

Indian Students feels like hometown in Bulgarian Medical School as many Indians prefer to go for Studying MBBS Course in Bulgarian Medical School also Many Indian Opt to work in Bulgaria.

The Distance between India to Bulgaria is 5,523 Kms & India is 2 hours 30 Minutes ahead from Bulgaria.

The Most Interesting Facts Between India & Bulgaria are Indian Food is available in Bulgaria some of the Restaurants are there In Bulgaria who offers Indian cuisine such as Bombay Grill Restaurant, Taj Mahal Restaurant, Indian Restaurant Kohinoor, Saffron Indian Restaurant etc.

Medical Universities in Bulgaria

MBBS Course is the most essential aspects in Medical field students who have a dream to work as Doctor they need to persue MBBS Course so here is the list of some Renowned or Prestigious best medical university in bulgaria for MBBS Course.

Plovdiv Medical University

It is most reputed best medical university in bulgaria which was established in 1945 and located in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Every year around 7000 student’s persue UGu & PG Medical courses which includes 2300 approx. MBBS students? Around 800+ Academic & Administrative Staffs are working in Plovdiv Medical University.

The MBBS Fee Structure of Plovdiv Medical University is Rest. 6.70 lakhs / Year and Rs. 1.10 lakh approx. for Hostel fee + Canteen + Miscellaneous Charges.

Plevan Medical University

It was established in the year 1974 & located in Peven, Bulgaria. Every year 800+ Students persue MBBS course & around 890 approx. Academic & Administrative Staffs are working in Pleven Medical University.

The MBBS Fee Structure of Pleven Medical University is Rs. 6.05 lakhs / Year and Rs. 1.10 lakh approx. for Hostel fee + Canteen + Miscellaneous Charges. 

Medical University of Sofia

The most Oldest and Prestigious University in Bulgaria for Medical Studies is Medical University of Sofia which was established in 1917 & located in Sofia, Bulgaria. It has 2200 Academic & Administrative Staffs & every year 8500 approx. Students persue medical courses from this University.

The MBBS Fee Structure of Sofia Medical University is Rs. 6 lakhs / Year and Rs. 1.02 lakh approx. for Hostel fee + Canteen + Miscellaneous Charges.

Trakia University

It is also known as Thrace University which was established in the year 1995 & located in the city of Satara Zagora, Bulgaria. Every year 8500 Students are studying Ug and Pg Medical Courses, Around 1250 Academic & Administrative Staffs are working in Trakia University.

The MBBS Fee Structure of Trakia Medical University is Rs. 5.75 lakhs / Year and Rs. 1 lakh approx. for Hostel fee + Canteen + Miscellaneous Charges.